Saying Goodbye to Paradise Lost



I have now completed Paradise Lost and feel as if I have survived an epic of great proportions.  The book was challenging to both my intellect as well as my spirit.  John Milton’s epic poem captures you from the first page and yet along the way it challenges your thoughts and previous perceptions.  I think that Milton allowed me to see that evil takes many forms and sometimes the greatest threats are the ones we just don’t see coming.  Sometimes the evil lurks within our own souls and sometimes a pretty face can make our lives a living hell.  Sometimes hell and evil can look pretty darn alluring and even make logical sense on the surface.  While I don’t agree with his portrayal of the dim-witted Eve or the egotistical God, I do think that what he showed us with Satan is a complex character.  Satan truly tested me throughout the book.  I know he’s evil, you don’t get much more evil than Satan himself, however I found him to be highly relatable and even compelling at points.  It’s unnerving but it is the truth.

So, as we head into the world of Avonlea and the wholesome joy of Anne Shirley, I want to recommend John Milton to my readers.  Read Paradise Lost as if your life depends on it.  Let the measure of his words wash over you and the melody of his epic fill your veins.  He will change you in profound ways.  I promise!



  1. Enjoy Montgomery! She has always been one of my favourite authors. Her stories are simple but elegant and timeless.

    • I read it as a young girl, I would say somewhere around 5th grade, and I loved the entire series. I wonder, if as an adult, I will love the same way.

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