Welcome to Anne of Green Gables



After the heaviness of Paradise Lost, I needed a change of pace.  Welcome to the world of Lucy Maud Montgomery and her wonderful little protagonist, Anne Shirley.  I hope you adore this book as much as I remember enjoying it as a child.  I am re-reading this book with the hope that I will glean more from them when I read it as an adult.  Books change when you read them as an adult.  There’s more depth and your life experiences help you to understand the meaning deeper.  I love Anne Shirley, so I am sure as I move ahead you will see many posts praising this character.  It is a simple book about a simple time and sometimes that’s all we need!

Chapter Challenge: 1 & 2



  1. Anne of Green Gables was one of my all-time favorite books as a kid. Definitely need to reread it!

    • I just think books change as we get older. I am actually really quite excited to read it again.

  2. I am actually in the middle of the newest Montgomery biography: the gift of wings. It’s quite interesting!

    • I will have to check out her biographies. I have read a little about her online and think she would make a fascinating character in her own right.

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