A Rambunctious Little Orphan Sets Green Gables Upside Down


I do believe that Anne Shirley is probably the single best well written orphan the world has ever seen.  I adore her from the first words she speaks and every single moment there after.  However, I do have a confession to make.  I set out to read the first two chapters and that simply was not enough.  I am now on chapter 10 and I just can’t get enough of this book.  I do not have any further insight than I did as a child but I do find it absolutely humorous.  Way more than I did when I was little.

I was a little like Anne Shirley as a child – minus the red hair and orphaned thing – and I have always found her to be a kindred spirit.  The fanciful imagination and constant yammering.  I was a talker, I still am a talker, and my parents would literally beg me to stop talking.  I would then start singing and when they would beg me to stop that, I would hum.  I was happy, that’s my only defense.

I absolutely adore Matthew Cuthbert and always have.  His gentle hand and shy ways are just endearing.  He truly has a deep love for Anne and she knows it.  Marilla, however, is a tougher nail to crack but she will manage it.  Marilla always appears to be on the verge of bursting out laughing.  The sense of pity she has for Anne in the beginning is soon replaced by a feeling of duty, which in turn is quickly replaced with adoration.

As an adult, the one thing that has changed for me in reading the book is understanding the Cuthberts far more than I ever did as a child.  The reality of a spinster sister and elderly brother sharing a space.  They understand each other so well that talking is of no necessity and yet, they are so different.  Marissa with her strength and Matthew with his reserve.  It’s just absolutely perfect the way they play off of each other.

I will not ruin anything for those of you who haven’t read Anne of Green Gables.  I will just say that if you have any humanity within your soul, if you were ever call precocious as a child, or if you have ever been accused to being far too chatty; than you absolutely have to read Anne of Green Gables.

Since I have already read through chapter 10, I will just put on here that I will write about chapters 3 & 4 tomorrow.



  1. I’m not usually one to correct spelling, but the Cuthberts are a bit like family to me…. Marilla not Marissa! Maybe it was autocorrect.

    • It was absolutely auto correct. I will get it changed on the computer. Thank you for pointing that out, it would have drove me nuts too.

      • Autocorrect drives me nuts sometimes!

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