I Need Some Help Deciding



Since I cannot seem to be able to control my obsession with all things Potter related, I am debating a new page on my blog.  The page would be dedicated to all things Potter, in order to easily maintain my posts about my 100 classics challenge.  While I do not wish to alienate those of you that have been following my epic quest from day one, I do adore writing about things regarding Harry Potter.  Do you think, as a reader, that I should separate the content in such a way?

On the Harry Potter Page I would have:

  • The title “The Daily Prophet” as the header
  • All things Harry Potter related
  • My Pottermore handle and information, so we can link up on the game
  • Any upcoming Harry Potter news
  • Links to other Harry Potter websites
  • Interesting Harry Potter images that I find
  • Blog posts regarding Harry Potter opinions I have


  1. Having a Harry Potter section would be great!

    • I had a feeling you would agree with me! 🙂

      • 😀 you know I support all things Harry Potter!!

  2. Well, as of yet, I cannot figure out how to post to a page alone. It’s very frustrating but I am working on it.

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