The Life of Lucy Maud Montgomery



I adore Anne of Green Gables but I know very little about the author L.M. Montgomery. Here are some facts that you may not know as well.
* Lucy Maud Montgomery was called Maud by her family and friends.
* She had a very unhappy childhood and even worse teenage years. Her mother died from tuberculosis when Maud was only 21 months old. Her father was so deep in mourning that he sent her to live with her maternal grandparents. They had already raised six children of their own and were very elderly. They were known for being very strict. She spent many of her childhood days alone and she says this is what gave her the imagination to be a writer.
* Maud almost died from typhoid fever when she was six years old. She was so ill that she suffered miserably with hallucinations set on by the fever. She imagined that her granmother was a woman she hated named “Mrs. Maud” and wouldn’t let her near her.
* Maud’s paternal grandfather, Donald Montgomery, was described as a handsome and stately gentleman and was described my Maud as a dear old heart. She spent some time with her paternal grandparents at times in her childhood as well.
* Maud married Reverend Ewan McDonald after a very long engagement. This long engagement was the result of her responsibilities to her grandmother. After her grandfather passed away she was was virtually tied to the care of her grandmother. Her grandmother’s death from pneumonia finally freed Maud to marry.
* Maud was 36 when she got married. This, however, did not stop her from having children. She had her first son, Chester, in 1912 when she was 37 and her second son, Ewan Stuart, when she was 40. Chester went on to become a lawyer and Stuart a doctor.
* Maud passed away in 1942 at the age of 68. In her lifetime she had immense fame from her Anne of Green Gables series and also made millions of readers fall in love with her Prince Edward Island.
* Maud and Prince Edward Island are practically insperable however her ancestors arrived there quite by accident. Maud’s great-grandparents saled from Scotland in 1769 on a ship bound for Quebec. However, her great-grandmother was so seasick that when the ship anchored off Prince Edward Island she refused to reboard. Therefore, her husband had no choice but to settle his family on Prince Edward Island.


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