Going Back in Time Apparently Doesn’t Include a Time Machine


The McMillan family from Guelph, Ont. has ditched all technology that came after 1986 and have gone back to simpler times. The family includes Mom and Dad and their two sons ages 5 and 2.

The family made this life altering decision after the oldest son spent more time on his tablet than he did outside. They became concerned, also, when their 2-year-old was able to use a cell phone, with all the swipes of an adult, but refused to go outside.

It is a concern that many people are voicing today and many people are commending these parents for doing such a thing.

I would love to go back to a simpler time, however, I believe that there has to be a balance. The truth is, technology is part of a child’s life today. It is part of their future as well. It is up to a parent to teach responsible technology usage and set limitations. Now, this is not easy to do, especially since my son is a big time gamer. This family, though, is limiting their children’s exposure to technology could prove to be a hinderance rather than the positive experience they are envisioning.

While I typically do not judge others and their choices with their families, this I had to comment on. We all want to go back to a nostalgic and easier time our lives. I just can’t imagine taking my son along for the ride!


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