Calling the FBI Before 10am



So this morning I was on Facebook and imagine my surprise when I saw a woman list her baby boy on there as up for adoption.  This is a yard sale group where you sell used furniture, hand me down clothes, and slightly distressed toys.  Not children!  I was shocked and mortified that anyone would think of doing such thing.  However, I am a single mother and I remember those early years.  It’s beyond difficult.  Do I justify her actions?  Not in the least.  I think she needs help.  So I did reach out, as a fellow single mother, and emailed her.  I was not derogatory and nasty at all and just let her know that I understand that state of mind.  I understand what those beginning baby years are like when you go it alone.

I did report the incident to authorities.  Here’s the reason why.  If she is in such a desperate state of mind that she would put her baby up on a yard sale site on Facebook, she’s in a very bad place.  She needs help and she needs it quickly.  If something was to happen to that little boy and I did not report it, my heart would break.  So I called my local sheriff’s department and was instructed to call the local office of the FBI.  The lady on the phone was very kind and severely shocked by what I told her.  She took down what information I had and assured me that she would be looking into the matter.

I am writing this because I feel guilty.  I don’t want CDC to go in and rip this child away from this mother.  I don’t think that was her intention at all.  I want her to receive the help she needs and be steered in the right direction where to go for help.  This comes at a price, though.  It comes at a severe price and I wasn’t quite sure where to go.  I think she probably loves her child and wants to provide him with a better home but she just went about it the wrong way.  Is there something else I should have done?  Am I just over reacting with this whole guilty thing?  I’m not sure.



  1. That’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard. I think you did the right thing, though. What else could you have done? If things go bad now, it’s not your fault for reporting it, but the authorities’ fault for failing in compassion and/or tact. But I don’t think it will. Contacting the mother was a good call – offering sympathy and support when she’s in a bad place could be just what she needed.

    • I sure do hope so. It just broke my heart because I understand that desperate moment. I was just lucky I had superior family support.

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