Mrs. Rachel Lynde Gets A Taste of Her Own Medicine


I like gumption, I always have.  I don’t like listless children who cower in corners.  I like a little snap in their boots, if you understand what I mean.  I like when children will stand up for themselves and give you a little get go.  I like sassiness and gumption!  It’s called moxy in my brain and I adore children that have it in boatloads.  I think that’s why I adore Anne Shirley.

Mrs. Rachel Lynde is an insufferable woman.  She’s that nosy neighbor you really just want to hit with your car at some point in time, if only you could make it look like an accident.  She’s that type of woman whose faults border so closely to ridiculous that it is almost humorous.  I actually know people like this.  They are unintentionally funny because they are just so off the wall.  Basically, she deserved what Anne gave her.

I think Marilla realized this too.  She found the humor and the honesty of Anne’s outburst.  Sometimes parenting means you have to forego your own personal opinions and teach a lesson.  It’s rather hard to do.  When my son was around 3, we were in a store and the man in front of us stunk.  I mean hadn’t taken a bath in nearly a month.  We all were thinking it.  Everyone standing near this man thought it.  You could tell.  However, in his childhood honesty, my son says “Mommy, why does that man smell like butt?”  I was mortified and, yet, how could I fault him?  Here I had been preaching honesty, I can’t exactly yell at him for being honest.  On the other hand, it was socially inappropriate for him to say.  It didn’t help that the old man behind us was cracking up or that his wife ruffled my son’s hair.  People realize that children are inherently honest, to a fault.  I think it was something that Marilla realized right away.

I think Anne has the endearing quality in spades.  She’s absolutely what you would want your child to be.  I have no desire to have a meek and mild child.  It serves absolutely no purpose.  If we all had perfect children, just imagine how dull life would be.



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