Dogs Are Amazing Creatures



Dogs never cease to amaze me. Some of the best books in the world are written about the heroism of dogs. However, it is their real life feats that just floor me. One recent news story caught my attention. It is the story of a dog who loved his family.

The Jordan family hired a babysitter for their 7-month-old son, Finn. They did all the necessary background checks and she came up clean. So they left their child in her care, a very difficult thing to do I might add. However, shortly after they noted a shift in their faithful pooch’s behavior.

Whenever Alexis Khan, the sitter, would enter the home Killian, the dog, would go wild. He would bare his teeth, growl, and have to be physically restrained from going after the sitter. It was a decidedly noted change in behavior from the docile friendly dog they knew.

It was so shocking that the family decided to hide an iPhone under the couch to see what exactly happened when they were away from the house. The phone recorded the sounds of Khan cursing and slapping their son whenever he would cry. Thanks to their dog, they were able to report the incident to local authorities. Khan was arrested, pleaded guilty to assault, and has been placed on a child abuse registry so she cannot work with children again.

Over and over, we read stories of dogs like this and I actually have one of my own. My own little guy, Jake, alerted us of something horrible once too.

My little Jake!

My little Jake!

Our next door neighbor has a teenage son and daughter. While we know our neighbors, we aren’t exactly best friends with them. A few months back our dog let us know of an incident we didn’t even know was happening.

It was dinner time in our house and we had just sat down to eat when Jake started barking like something was wrong. It was a bark of alertness and fear. It was a sound I had never heard before come from him and while I was alarmed by the sound of it, I honestly didn’t heed his warnings.

I went out and got him but had to drag him away from the gate on the side of the house. He knew something was wrong. Within a couple of minutes after I brought him in, an ambulance showed up in front of our house. The teenage son of our neighbor had attempted to commit suicide in their garage. He had parked his car in the garage and was killing himself through carbon monoxide poisoning.   Luckily, he called a friend first and they alerted the authorities.  He is perfectly fine now.  My dog knew this was happening and I didn’t listen.

So my lesson for today. Pay attention to your pets, they know more of what is happening than you realize.


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