The Jane Austen Festival in Bath is in Full Swing



Bath, England is currently celebrating the 200th anniversary of the first publication of Pride and Prejudice with a Jane Austen Festival. Now, I am insanely jealous over here that I am unable to attend.

The festival includes concerts, etiquette lessons, dancing lessons, workshops, and tours of Jane Austen hot spots. You could also have Regency inspired breakfasts, attend theatrical plays, go to a Regency style fashion show, and even attend the Jane Austen Festival Regency Costumed Masked Ball.  While all of these sound amazing, this is not at all why I would go.

The highlight of the event, in my eyes, is the Grand Regency Costumed Promenade. Through the streets of Bath, costumed Jane Austens stop traffic as they walk through the streets displaying their Regency gear. Soldiers fire muskets in the Royal Crescent and there are dancers on Milsom Street. The entire city of Bath stops for this event.

Someday I will make it to Bath for this event but as for now, enjoy the gallery of images!

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