Alarming News For Young Readers



How many of us remember the nighttime routine of our childhood?  The time when Mom would crawl into our bed, crack open a book, and the day would just melt away.  It is one of my fondest memories of my childhood.  However, in a recent study, parents are no longer reading to their children every single night.  Read the full report here

This is extremely alarming to me.  I have read a book to my son every single night since the day he was born and still do, thirteen years later.  It is a vital part of our nightly routine and one that I cannot imagine being too busy to accomplish.  There is nothing that could drag me away from that.  It’s just time to jump into imagination and just forget all else for a little while.  Besides, how do parents hope to have future Mark Twains, JK Rowlings, and Shakespeares if they don’t read to their children?  Imagination is not something that is just a given, you have to feed it.

So, dear readers, I say this much to you.  Please read to your children every single night.  Are you honestly too busy to take twenty minutes of your time to devote to your child?  I weep for society.


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