Just Having a Day



Just having one of those days where I wonder why I even bothered to get out of bed at all.  My cousins are currently on a college campus where a gunman was spotted, their father is going to get them.  This is after my other cousin’s high school was on lock down this morning. It’s just been crazy with the schools today.  My son gave me trouble going to school today and so I bribed him with picking him up early just to get him there.  I have been looking forward to a sandwich from a new place all day, got it and it was swimming in grease.  I keep getting the annoying robot voice for customer service and then the ______ hangs up on me.  So, here I sit.  Annoyed at the world, stressed, concerned, and just basically wanting to crawl back in my bed and forget about all of it.  Ever have one of those day?



  1. You’re having a case of the Mondays on a Friday. I hope your weekend makes up for it!

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