Professor Tracy Deserves a Publishing Contract


James Tracy, a professor at FAU and fellow blogger, has been in the news a lot lately. He’s been called everything from wacko to brilliant. I will discredit no one for their personal beliefs.
If you are unaware of Professor Tracy here’s a little synopsis of his blog. He’s a conspiracy theorist to the extreme. He has claimed that 9/11 was a government plot, that Sandy Hook was a government funded tragedy to ignite a gun debate, and his latest is that the shooting at the Navy Yard was staged by unnamed forces. His theories are always quite elaborate; including governmental intrigue and actors of immense power. They generally include photoshopping somewhere in the theory and always point to nonexistent carnage.
I have my own theory about why he does what he does but those I will keep to myself. Let me just state that I think fear makes people highly irrational. If you can, however, get over the initial shock of his claims you will see the man actually has a brilliant mind. I am not saying I believe his claims because I don’t. I am saying that this is one man who should stop wasting his talent on conspiracy theories and write some dang good fiction. He could rival anything Dan Brown has come out with.
I believe fully in the power of freedom of speech. I believe all voices, whether we agree with them or not, have validity in the thread of life. Every voice, big and small, should be hear loud and proud. Sometimes it is the voice in the back of the room with the crazy idea that hits on something. So, Professor Tracy (a fantastic name for a detective in its own right, might I add), if you read my blog ever, I humbly ask you to please write a book. Not a book based on any actual event but a fiction book that will knock our socks off. It’s in there just dying for you to write it.

Visit his blog here


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