Bravery Comes In Many Forms



Bravery is not always the knight in shining armor slaying the dragon.  Sometimes bravery sneaks in quietly and is hardly noticed.  That’s the case with Anne Shirley.  Think about all this character went through throughout her life.  Just remaining positive throughout the trials of her childhood would be reason enough to admire Anne.  However, what I wish to point out is her bravery in the face of change.

It is hard to set your goals one way only to have them altered without your consent.  Sometimes fate steps in and wants you to be something completely different.  Anne is now responsible for the well being of Marilla, a shift in responsibility for sure.  Taking care of an aging parent is a daunting task to look forward too.  Anne could have easily walked away from the situation.  She had the opportunity.  However, it is bravery that keeps her there.  She bravely faces an unknown future caring for a blind aging Marilla alone.


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