I Weep For Matthew Cuthbert



There I sat, in the car rider line at my son’s school (where I do all my reading) and weeping like a child.  I knew full well that Matthew died but every single time I read it, I weep like a baby.  Matthew is the best fictional father written.  He’s kind, caring, and silently determined.  It’s his love and Marilla’s discipline that really help Anne go from a funny little girl to a very studious young lady.  His pride meant everything possible to Anne.

I know that feeling when death comes and steals away one of the most important people in your world.  It just feels like the rug has been wrenched out from beneath your feet.  You are in shock, sad, angry, and confused all rolled into one.  You cannot cry but yet you have to cry.  It’s a very confusing time to be a human.  I think it is a true saying, one that someone once said to me, death is hardest on those left behind.  It’s not hard at all on the person who has passed away but it feels like it is killing the people left behind.

Marilla and Anne both handle their grief in their own way and yet they are completely intertwined with their loss of Matthew.  This binds the two women together more than any other event could have.  I have no doubt that they both deeply loved each other before Matthew’s death but now they are bonded through their very real loss.  This is made clearly evident in Anne’s desire to stay at Green Gables and to keep Marilla in her home.  That takes true love and devotion to give up on your planned course for life.  It also takes a huge amount of bravery.  Which I will discuss further in another post.

For now, I will just end this post by saying that Matthew’s death has effected this reader a thousand times over her life.  Every single time I read the book, I feel as if I have lost a friend and father figure.  LM Montgomery understood human emotion well enough to understand the shocking blow the death of Matthew would have on her readers.  She also understood Anne well enough to know that nothing short of Matthew’s death would sway her plans for her future.



  1. I, too, was affected by the character of Matthew Cuthbert– so much so that I named my first son after him..I would love for MY Matthew to one day be just such a father to any children he may have!

    • That is just wonderful. I am sure your son will be a wonderful man.

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