First Day of Autumn

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Yesterday was the first day of Autumn, I thought I would share with you these images of my absolute favorite season.  Since I am in Florida and all I ever see is green, I love the colors.




  1. Holy wow, those are incredible. Here in the UK the very first trees are starting to turn so we’ve got these flashes of red and yellow against an otherwise green treeline. I’ve got time off work coming up next week so I’m definitely going to take my new camera out and make the most of the season.

    • I am completely jealous. Here in Florida everything is green all the time. It never changes. Our big cool down today was 85.

  2. Ontario…..things are starting to turn. (I just blogged on Staghorn Sumac which is turning all the colours of the rainbow right now.) It’s truly beautiful here. I got married in autumn for just that reason. It’s also my favourite season. Beautiful pics there…

    • Oh I miss true fall so much. The crisp air, the changing leaves, the smell of grapes, just everything about it. Everyone who gets to celebrate that season properly is very blessed.

      • It’s OK… Come March you can laugh while those of us up north are shoveling mountains of wet snow off our cars. 🙂

      • Very true. One of my father’s favorite things to do is to call his brother on Christmas. Not to be kind and wish him a Merry Christmas. It’s generally to rub it in that we go to the beach on Christmas and it’s typically in the 90’s. However, I simply cannot find the joy in Christmas lights on palm trees. There’s just something very wrong about that.

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