The Humor of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea


So, I said it before I even started the book, I am not a sea faring human being.  Nope these legs stay firmly placed on land.  Therefore I do not understand the pull of the sea.  Every single direction, measurement, or shipping company just flowed past my eyes as if I was reading Latin.  While it did allow for a form of realism with the book, for this land locked lady it read like an owner’s manual.  However, I did find myself giggling half way through the first chapter.  Now you may be thinking to yourself, “There is nothing funny in this book”, and you’d be right.  It wasn’t the book but instead the legend it was referring to.  The Kraken.  It is not hilarious alone but when you add Dr. Sheldon Cooper to the mix, I will laugh every single time.  I kept thinking in my head “Release the Kraken” in Sheldon’s voice.  I simply could not help it and then I would start laughing.  So, here’s the video, enjoy!


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