The Uneventful Emmy Awards Left Me Confused

Just because I think this was simply the highlight of the night.

Just because I think this was simply the highlight of the night.

So, last night I sat down to watch the Emmy Awards.  Now, most of the night I spent feeling rather confused and a tad bit irritable.  To be honest with you, I did not enjoy the show at all.  Here’s my take on what was, essentially, a very long winded commercial for CBS’ upcoming season.  Even some of the commercials had me scratching my head.  I have re-watched the car commercial with Claire Danes three times and I still cannot understand what the point of the commercial is.  I wouldn’t buy that car just because I can’t figure out what they are actually trying to tell me about owning it.  I will end up in jail if I buy one?  The show had far too many filler moments and not enough real moments.  I simply cannot understand the rationale behind having a tribute for Cory Monteith and completely ignoring T.V. icons like Jack Klugman and Larry Hagman.  It is completely irrational and I just cannot get it through my brain.  While losing anyone as young as Cory is always a sadness, it was no more sad than losing two fantastic actors that have been around for years.

The show was more Broadway than television.  There was far too many musical numbers that were just odd.  The whole choreography thing was just strange.  It took me a minute to figure out what they were doing.  I sat for the longest time trying to figure out where in Big Bang Theory and Breaking Bad that there was choreography.  While I get that Neil Patrick Harris is all into that sort of thing, it just was very strange being on the awards ceremony.  I don’t know, maybe I am alone here but I just didn’t get the reasoning for it.  Speaking of musical numbers, I am still extremely confused as to why they had a tribute to the Beatles and to the JFK assassination.  While I think the song was beautifully performed, it would have been better to use that time in a more appropriate manner, like paying tribute to something actually dealing with television.  Now, I will admit I could be a bit sour because some of my favorites did not win.  How Big Bang Theory lost to Modern Family still floors me.  Mayim Bialik losing is nearly unforgivable and don’t even get me started on Dame Maggie Smith (who should win an Emmy just for the simple fact that we get to watch her perform at any given moment).  The real kicker, however, was the fact that Downton Abbey did not win anything and that saddens me.  There’s not a single show currently on television that matches the brilliance of that show.  I’m sorry but they just have it down to an actual art form.  In short, I believe I am so negative because I am a sore loser.

There were some shining moments.  I won’t be completely pessimistic here.  Will Ferrell absolutely stole the show.  It’s too bad we had to wait until the last five minutes to see him.  He cracked me up.  A bright spot on the evening, for sure.  Bob Newhart and Jim Parsons was an absolutely classic television moment.  The standing ovation, the tearing up of eyes, and the classic deadpan humor just pulled off that moment beautifully.  Another highlight was the tiny moment with Jimmy Fallon and the microphone.  It just had me absolutely cracking up.  I guess by that point in the show, he could have done just about anything and I would have laughed.  The best moment for me was when Jim Parsons won, which I knew he would.  The man is simply brilliant as Sheldon Cooper.  It is flawless.  You know he’s good when it is impossible to see him as anything else.  Besides, he has a class we hardly see in Hollywood anymore.  Here are some videos of shining moments (I will apologize for the Will Ferrell video it is very poor quality but it was all I could find).

And this is why he won…


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