The Literary Life of a Cat


This is Joker, who is probably the best cat we’ve ever had. He is absolutely a joker and yes he does have half an ear.

There’s something very literary about a cat.  They are each unique and beautiful in many respects.  For instance, I have two cats, Joker and Muffin and both are very unique.  Joker is our funny boy.  He’s the run around the house, stare at blank walls, run into doors, and dress in anything cat.  He’s so laid back we have to make sure the dog doesn’t harm him because he will do nothing about it.  You can pick him up, fling him around, and hold him like a baby.  He loves his tummy rubbed and his paws massaged.  Muffin is completely different.  She’s skinny, waspish, and aloof.  She’s the diva of this household and everyone knows it.  Do not sit in Muffin’s seat, do not allow Muffin to be without food, and don’t you dare pet her when she hasn’t invited you to.  She’s got the attitude of a tiger in a kitten’s body.  However, there are days when she is loving and she absolutely adores Joker.  She’s also quite fond of the kids and would fight to protect them.  Don’t you dare let her catch you yelling at one of her children!  Yes, there is something quite literature about cats.  Here is five of my favorite literary cats.

Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland

Like you didn’t know I would be saying it.  He’s the quintessential feline and he just flaunts it.  He’s aloof, mysterious, and just enough of a headache to keep you on your toes.  There’s nothing more feline than all of that.

Solembum in Eragon

Okay, so technically he is a werecat but it is close enough for me.  Not only is Solembum a particularly persnickety feline but he’s also quite helpful.  He can tell the future and is as helpful as he deems necessary.  He’s easily offended, which if you have ever owned a cat you know is very much a cat behavior.  It helps, I think, that he’s owned by Angela the herbalist.  Who not only has the best name in fiction (thank you very much) but makes me laugh every time I read the book.

Crookshanks in Harry Potter 

You know Crookshanks would be on here before you even started the list, admit it.  The fact is, Crookshanks is one very cool cat.  Peter Pettigrew might have hid his real self within the body of Scabbers but there was no fooling this feline.  You have to love a cat who has your back!

Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

I am only putting this cat on the list because he is so iconic.  Since I was a child I have always thought that out of all the literary cats out there he is probably the single most evil.  He purposely gets those children in trouble, not to mention driving them nearly insane.  There’s something very sick going on in that cat’s head but then again it is a feline trait to drive humans crazy.

Rum Tum Tugger in Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats

Okay, Rum Tum Tugger is absolutely what a cat is.  He’s persnickety and knows who he is.  I love how he does the exact opposite of what you want him to do.  Especially “When you let him in, then he wants to be out; He’s always on the wrong side of every door,” which is just so perfectly feline of him.



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