The Joys and Realities of Escapism


All lovers of books are notorious escapists.  We read and escape the dull realities of our every day lives.  Friday I had posted a very, now that I re-read it, mysterious message about my life being under construction.  It actually was the culmination I knew was coming.  About a month ago we started to hear a distinct hissing noise coming from our walls.  You know that dreaded noise of water leaking somewhere.  My father busted open the wall, fixed the issue, and the noise stopped.  Well, Friday we woke up to not only the re-emergence of the noise but the flooding of our family room.  Add to all of the disaster that soon ensued the fact that we are down to nickle and diming the bills this week and you have a serious case of over stressed going on.  We got plumbers in, the insurance, and all seemed to be well.  Saturday when the dehumidifier and horribly loud drying fans were shut off, imagine our surprise to hear the water noise STILL!!  So we called the plumber back.  Apparently homes that are nearly forty years old have brittle piping and the entire house need to be re-plumbed.  We’re talking a whopping $5100 bill and insurance, get this, does not cover an ounce of it.  So, we are at this moment on seriously restricted water use (about 2 hours a day) with three children in the home.  It’s been rough.  So dear readers, I beg of you to forgive me but I have not read a single page of my classic novel this weekend.  I haven’t even picked it up.  I have escaped in the mindless act of movies and sleep.  I am hoping that all will work itself out today but we’re not very hopeful to be honest.  Five thousand dollars does not just drop out of the sky, but oh how I wish it would.



  1. Oh my days. That’s horrible. I hope that things get better soon. Don’t worry about us, find your escape wherever you need to!

    • Thank you for writing. I needed to vent this morning. We spoke to insurance adjuster this morning, a very nice man to be honest but he could be nothing but an insurance adjuster (if that makes sense). He said that with what we will be getting for the cosmetics we could get the plumbing done. He said to call around and get other quotes because he thinks that is a little steep. So we can deal with cosmetic issues, we don’t live in a mansion or get many visitors, but we can’t live without water use. So, we should in the end, be good. It’s been very very stressful.

      • It makes total sense. I work in the insurance industry. They don’t like claims and want to keep their money. I imagine it’s very stressful. You poor thing.

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